Words of Wisdom – Loren Wilkinson

Loren Wilkinson, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Regent College is a man long associated with integrating the realms of scientific and religious understanding. Furthermore, he is a poet farmer, a significant upgrade (in my book) on Plato’s notion of a philosopher king! He has truly influenced many throughout his numerous years as a teacher. If you are at all confused, intrigued, or passionate about the integration of faith and science, you must read these essays/lectures that can be found in the resources section of this site. There are not many who can seamlessly integrate Aristotle, fine ‘religious’ liqueur, scattering x-rays and Savoyard cheeses! Let these titles tickle your fancy…

The Cheeses, the Owls, the Synchrotron and the Chartreuse.

The Singular Universe and the Triune God: Cosmology, Science and Creation.

The Meaning of “Value” in Biodiversity.

Proper Confidence. Leslie Newbigin

The late Lesslie Newbigin had a long career as a missionary to India, and experience which gave him unusual insights into the deep differences between Hindu and Christian culture. This book, as the title suggests, is a remarkably lucid introduction to the epistemology–how we know, what we know, and what knowledge is. He develops a strong case (drawing especially on the scientist/philosopher Michael Polanyi, that knowledge of God (theology) and of God’s world (science) is of the same sort–genuine knowledge, but always tentative, exploratory, based on faith. Well worth a read.