Expert Call with Dr. Jeff Schloss

Our expert call with Dr. Jeffrey Schloss of Westmont College.

Download the Mp3 here.

Expert Call with Dr. Peter Enns

An fascinating expert call with Old Testament scholar Dr. Peter Enns, who is also a senior Biblical Fellow at the Biologos Foundation. In this call Dr. Enns explores the relationship between evolutionary theory and the implications for reading Genesis and Paul well.

Download MP3 here: PeterEnns-Final


Expert Call with Dr. Jennifer Wiseman of NASA

A fascinating Expert Call with Dr. Jennifer Wiseman of NASA, exploring the existence of Exoplanets and how she as a Christian believes Science has the capacity to increase our desire to worship the Creator.

Wiseman Expert Call Mp3
Wiseman BioLogos White Paper

Expert Call with Dr. Tjerk Straatsma

Dr. Tjerk Straatsma of Battel National Laboratories describes his scientific work, his faith, and the interaction between the two. Download the audio here: Straatsma-Final.

Bioethics Expert Call ~ Jennie McLaurin

Jennie McLaurin explores several cutting-edge bioethical issues, and also considers the need for a faithful framework in which we as Christians engage such complex issues. Download Audio

Expert Call with Dr. John Walton

In this call Dr. John Walton of Wheaton College, author of The Lost World of Genesis One explores the way a contextually appropriate interpretation of Genesis 1 might influence our attempts to consider Theology and Science together. The audio of this call is available below for Cohort-only download below.

JohnWaltonCall-Final (right-click to download)

2011 Cohort Meeting Audio

Mp3 audio downloads from our 2011 Galiano Cohort Meeting (Available to cohort members only).
Bem Culiat–Shepherding the Scientist.  (Slides)
Ross Hastings–Preaching & Science
Jennie McLaurin, John Van Sloten, Bem Culiat–Design Models

Bem Culiat Talk–Personal Testimony. (Slides #2)
Iain Provan–The Integration of Scripture and Science, with Genesis as a Case Study
Paul Teel–Creation AND Evolution: Thinking Them Together

Loren Wilkinson–Science, Wonder and Worship
John Van Sloten–Practical Implementation



Expert Call with Dr. Dan Harlow

Dr. Dan Harlow guides our cohort in a discussion regarding the historicity of Adam and Eve in light of recent scientific findings. A fascinating and thought-provoking conversation. (December, 2010).

Download audio: Here.

Expert Call Audio: Dr. Deb Haarsma–Beyond Origins

October 21, 2010 Expert call with Dr. Deb Haarsma of Calvin College. Download MP3

When many Christians think of “science and faith,” they immediately think of the Big Bang and Evolution.  Yet there are many other areas of modern life where science impacts not only how we think about our faith but how we live it out, such as creation care.   In this presentation I discuss why it is important for local churches to address science in the life of their congregation, and ways to celebrate the positive relationships between science and faith through Sunday school, preaching, and worship.

The Thrill of Discovery

The Thrill of Discovery (audio)

Dr Bem Culiat talks on the thrill of discovery that she experiences through her work.

Science, Wonder and Worship

Science, Wonder and Worship (audio)

Science, Wonder and Worship Part 1 (PowerPoint; data on climate change)

Science, Wonder and Worship, part 2 (PowerPoint; global warming as moral issue)

LW Global Warming Talk (Loren Wilkinson’s adaptation of climate change and global warming as a moral issue)

Dr Loren Wilkinson talks on Science, Wonder and Worship.

Christianity and Evolution

Christianity and Evolution

Paul Teel talks on Christianity and Evolution, followed by cohort discussion.

The Integration of Scripture and Science, with Genesis as a case study

The Integration of Scripture and Science, with Genesis as a case study

Dr Iain Provan explores the integration of Scripture and Science, followed by cohort discussion.

Preaching and Science

Coinherence of Science and Faith (audio)

Preaching and Science (Powerpoint Presentation)

Coinherence of Science and Faith part 2 (Powerpoint Presentation)

Dr Ross Hastings explores the coinherence of science and faith.

Shepherding the Scientist

Shepherding the Scientist

Dr Bem Culiat reflects on the input and support that Pastors have given as she progressed in the field of genetics.