Cosmos: ReFaithing Science

Cosmos: ReFaithing Science is a website designed for anyone interested in thinking and acting at the interface of issues of science and faith.

There is a long standing Christian tradition that we learn about God through the “Two Books”: the book of creation and the book of scripture. Here at Cosmos we maintain that any apparent conflict between these two is due to mistaken categorisation. Since God is the author of both books, there are theological and devotional reasons to embrace science as a way of learning about God.

Birthed out of Regent College’s Pastoral Science program, this site aims to function as a resource for further inquiry, as well as a forum for thoughtful and reflective discussion on both of these two “books”. Particularly, we are interested in the ways our ‘reading’ can fuel our human capacity for wonder, imagination, innovation and ultimately, worship.

Use this site as a help in deepening understanding and encouraging insight. There will be reviews of books, links to interesting discoveries, thought-provoking audio-visual material and, through our blog, the ability to enter into a dialogue that hopefully will lead to ever deeper interaction with the wonder of God’s creation.