Observation ~ By Pastor Keith Shields

Because I have studied science most of my life, some people will confide in me that they wish they had studied more science. I usually tell them that it is never too late to start. The convenient thing about science is that one can begin studying at any time. Science, at its core, starts with observation and

Euthanasia: A Response. By Jennie McLaurin

In his recent blog post on euthanasia, pastor Kerry Bender wrestles with the conflicting emotions he feels as he contemplates his father’s demise from Alzheimer’s. Kerry asserts that belief trumps feelings, even though he recognizes belief is shaped by both feelings and intellect. For him, belief in God, resurrection, and image-bearing stay any impulse to hasten his father’s death through human manipulation.

Bender goes farther than many… Continue reading

“God in the Dock” (Part 1 of 3) by David Opderbeck

The courtroom is a powerful symbol in our popular culture.  The phrase “the verdict is in…” appears in settings ranging from advertising comparisons of different kinds of shampoo to opinion polls on political issues to arguments for and against God.  As a practicing lawyer, law professor, and theology student, I find this use of courtroom metaphors fascinating and sometimes troubling.  In particular, I worry that the popularity of courtroom apologetics… Continue reading

There and Back Again: An Evolutionist’s Tale

This is a story of how a Baggins had an adventure, found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected. He may have lost the neighbours’ respect, but he gained-well, you will see whether he gained anything in the end.

The quotes in this article are from J.R Tolkien’s classic tale, The Hobbit.  Tolkien insisted that his Ring stories were not to be read as allegory but… Continue reading

A Pastor’s Thoughts on Euthanasia by Kerry Bender

Like most kids, I once believed that my dad could beat up your dad.  My father was a strong and proud son of German immigrants.  He was a farmer and a man of faith – quiet, strong, and resilient.

For the last several years, however, he has been confined to a hospital bed or to… Continue reading

Who Made The Moon? A Review of Sigmund Brouwer’s Book by Keith Shields

Sigmund Brouwer is better known for his children’s books than for serious books that wrestle with philosophical questions, so perhaps it is appropriate that Who Made the Moon? is addressed to his two young daughters. In fact one of the stated purposes of the book can be found in these words of praise for… Continue reading

Even Galaxies Grow Old…

I’m feeling pretty small right now. Insignificant, in fact, and wonderfully so.

I just spent twenty minutes reading about the new image just released by NASA from the Hubble Space Telescope, dubbed the XDF or eXtra Deep Field. Hubble spent around 500 hours staring at this tiny sliver of the sky in order to… Continue reading

John Van Sloten’s Sermon: The Hydrology of the Bow River; Finding God in the flow

Pastor John Van Sloten of New Hope Calgary preaches on the Hydrology of the Bow River.

The Hydrology of the Bow River; Finding God in the flow from New Hope Church Calgary on Vimeo

Paul, Epigenetics, and the Body of Christ

These are thoughts and reflections from a recent sermon by Pastor Kerry Bender on 1Corinthians 12:12-31a, preached at Faith Baptist Church, 4350 Russell Ave N, Minneapolis, MN.  To listen to the sermon please visit www.faithmpls.org.  This post originally appeared on Pastor Bendor’s blog here.

Paul’s imagery of the Church being the body of Christ is beautiful.  To an… Continue reading

Pastor John Van Sloten’s Dream for the CRC

Pastor John Van Sloten, a past Cosmos cohort member and pastor of New Hope Calgary, wrote a profound proposal “for renewal in the Christian Reformed Church of North America” for the CRCNA.  Check it out here

Two Books Redux: A Response by David Opderbeck

In a recent post on the Cosmos website, Pastor Kerry Bender expressed his misgivings about the “two books” metaphor often used in faith and science discussions.  I appreciate Pastor Bender’s comments because I, too, think the limits of this metaphor should be explored.  I think some of Pastor Bender’s  concerns, however, are somewhat misplaced.

For Pastor Bender, the primary issues are “authority … unity … and equality.”  He… Continue reading

A Tale of Two Books: Choosing the Right Text by Kerry Bender

Over the course of the last year, I have struggled with the metaphor of the “Two Books.” It is a metaphor that has become quite popular in certain Christian circles to describe the relationship between Scripture and creation — a way of recognizing that we hear the voice of God speaking not only through Scripture but also through His creation. There is much in this metaphor that commends itself to… Continue reading

Space ~ by Keith Shields

I am continually amazed as I think about the nature of our world. We live in constant interaction with the molecules of the universe. We perceive things around us as solid objects: the keyboard on which I pound out these words, the desk on which my computer sits, and the dense mass of the mountains I can see out my window. We also perceive things in between the solid objects… Continue reading

CBC Radio Interview with Pastor John Van Sloten

Pastor John Van Sloten, a cohort member in 2010, is being featured on a five-part CBC radio interview about the intersection of Faith and Science in North American Culture.

Check it out here

Epigenetics and the Love of God: A Sermon by John Van Sloten

2011 Pastoral Science member John Van Sloten of New Hope Church, Calgary, explores how Epigenetics, and what our gene’s expression reveals to us about the intimate love of God.

Epigenetics and the Love of God from New Hope Church Calgary on Vimeo.… Continue reading

Kerry Bender: Developing a Theology of Creation Care: It’s not just for fruits and nuts.

2011 Pastoral Science member Kerry Bender preaches a fantastic sermon about Creation Care from within a robustly Christian framework. You can download the audio here, or read this post on Kerry’s blog where he addresses quesitons received via text during the sermon from his congregation.

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Plantinga on “Faith and Science.”

Cardus has posted a fascinating article by David Talcott regarding Alvin Plantinga’s thoughts on where the true “conflict” between Faith and Science really lies.

Check it out here

Caring for Our Scientists: Some postures and practices of science-friendly churches by Phil Reinders

2011 Cohort Member Rev. Phil Reinders writes a headline article for The Banner, the official magazine of the Christian Reformed Church.

You can read it here

Book Review of Dawkin’s The Greatest Show on Earth by Ben Sonquist

To begin, I’ll note that my first “reading” of The Greatest Show on Earth was of the audio book version. I highly recommend experiencing the book in this way. The book is read by Dawkins himself, as well as his wife Lalla Ward. Throughout the audio book Dawkins and Ward read the book in a conversational and engaging tone that make the science accessible and the experience enjoyable. The audio… Continue reading

Brain fast-mapping and an innate way of seeing God by John Van Sloten

John Van Sloten is Pastor of New Hope Church in Calgary, AB, a Pastoral Science alum and a board member for the Center for Pastoral Science board member.  

In this article John explores the learning process known as fast-mapping and explores its implications from a spiritual perspective… Continue reading